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Feb 25, 2013 12:00am EST
, and speech in the asia-pacific. can you think of anything more important than that? this will help transform the region. to make sure that the seas are governed by rule of law and not by intimidation or power. to pursue interconnected economies and bring about a more fruitful enter cultural ties with japan and other countries in asia. and to promote the exchange with the younger generation. these are the principles the prime minister has articulated and i think they are good for america. this is a partnership that is good for us. we will have a chance to hear prime minister abe. the meeting with the president was extended because -- i do not know how much he is going to tell us. it is a very important dialogue that we have between japan and america. this is the most foundational relationship we have and we needed to be successful. i know the prime minister will be a key leader for that. about 80% of americans believe that u.s.-japan relationships is the most important foundational relationship in asia. it is emblematic of how a important we give this relationship. in his tenure and president
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
.t. firm said mobile data traffic is expected to surge 14-fold. it's likely to come in asia pacific, africa and the middle east. data traffic and asia pacific in north america will can want for almost two-thirds of the total by 2017. mobile operators worldwide face the challenge of boosting their infrastructure. the philippines has one of the highest birthrates in southeast asia. another key factor is pushing businesses to set up shop there. >> reporter: the middle class is boosting private consumption. this has attracted some of the world's best known brands. japanese retailer opened last year its on store in manila. >> translator: we're hoping to operate about 50 stores in the philippines within three years. other japanese manufacturers have chosen to philippines to relocate some of their factories. this industrial complex is located south of manila. over the past 18 months seven japanese companies have chosen to set up new production companies here. >> translator: we're facing a wave of investment. >> reporter: toy maker ban dai is among the new. the company produces the bulk of its prod
Feb 19, 2013 9:00pm PST
: contenders include angelo scola, and cardinal mark ouel let. several names are surfacing from asia, africa, and latin-america. including cardinal le nard doe santri. and tim dolan from new york. however, being from a world super power could hurt his chances. it's the first time in six centuries that the cardinals will choose a pope while the previous one is still alive. benedict's resignation shocked the world. the 85-year-old pontiff has slowed down significantly in recent years, but the vatican stressed that no specific medical condition prompted this decision. >> he certainly slowed down a bit. you could tell he had trouble negotiating steps. he started using the cane several months ago. >> reporter: in his announcement, the pope said, quote,"i have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me." pope benedict xvi has overseen a series of scandals and controversy, including the sex abuse crisis in the catholic church. his critics charge he was not progressive enough, upset he condemned gay marriage, the ordination of women, and allowing priests to mar
Feb 19, 2013 7:30am EST
here in asia. stocks were pretty mixed this tuesday. not a lot of clear direction out there today. the nikkei shed 0.3%. shanghai stocks down 1.6% today while hong kong shares lost 1%, sinking to a one-month low. european shares are looking like this. they are trading higher today on better business sentiment data out of germany. london is up by 0.3%. we have gains of 0.75% in france. the dollar is losing ground against the yen after the japanese finance minister denied the central bank would buy foreign bonds. the dollar/yen right now at 93.50. the japanese companies are teaming up to win a contract for taking part in a giant offshore oil development project in brazil. they have set up a joint group to build a huge oil rig. the group includes five machinery makers and shipbuilders. >> translator: we have established this group hoping to provide a place where enthusiastic engineers from various companies can come and work together. i hope they will pool their knowledge and ideas and help develop the technology that we need. >> well, as a first step, the group will develop technolo
Feb 15, 2013 1:00am PST
teacher is from. yes. >> yes. >> well there are similarities all of southeast asia. we performed in bali with a group. it's a story from the [inaudible] and so the indian epiics actually the indian epiics for very common in cambodia and bali and thailand and there is a different aesthetic. all southeast asia and asia there are a lot of similarities. >> he is a male entity. he is not -- are you referring to the story? >> it's interesting you should say that. a unique indian concept is one of half male, half female. and that is -- unlike some dances the solo dancer portrays all of the parts in the story. you can portray a feminine aspect and then masculine aspect with the bow and arrow. the male has to portray feminine and the female has to portray masculine. there is a very fierce dance and a soft sort of dance and every dancer has to learn all those aspects. it's very, you know, my teacher i call him a guru in this art form you have to study very, very hard. you have to learn about all the cultural aspects. he says it's liberating because he enjoys and has to learn to bring up the femi
Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm PST
. the euro against the yen at 125.82-87. >>> now, in other markets in the asia pacific, south korea's kospi is up by .9% above that 2,000 mark at the moment. let's see what's happening in australia. the benchmark index there is up by 1/3 of a percent at 5,100. >>> well, u.s. president barack obama is pressuring lawmakers to avoid automatic budget cuts that could take effect in ten days. >> if they can't get such a budget agreement done by next friday, the day these harmful cuts begin to take effect, then at minimum congress should pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would prevent these harmful cuts. >> the cuts include defense spending. they were put off last december in debates over the so-called fiscal cliff. but congress remains divided. the democrats want to increase taxes on the wealthy, while republicans are against it. obama strongly criticized the republicans' unwillingness to compromise. he said it's wrong to make the middle class responsible for deficit reduction while wealthy individuals and corporations contribute nothing. and as you know, the current ba
Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
shift, what it calls it pivot to asia, as a response to the rise of china. >> the implications in europe for just as profound. many feared it was just as much a pivot away from old allies. >> john kerry is saying europe is more important than ever. here's more on the state a transatlantic ties. >> it is a love affair that spans the atlantic -- americans cannot get enough of german cars. sales are surging, exports are rising, and german car makers now operate their own plants in the u.s. like this one in tennessee. then there are political relations. chancellor merkel and president obama are said to be cordial with one another but not close. what there is, though, is in recognition of the need to work together. >> on both sides of the atlanta, there is a realization that we are not as strong as we thought we were. but the u.s. and europe have been weakened by the financial crisis, and that has led to the conclusion that we need to do more to grow stronger together. >> president obama has sought to allay fears among europeans that he couldn't let them in favor of asia. in his recent state
Feb 13, 2013 6:00am PST
asia. >> translator: indonesia is a very important country for fast retailing's growth plan. the country has the world's fourth largest population. that's why we have devoted a lot of time to prepare for this. >> uniqlo already has outlets in four other southeast asian countries, singapore, malaysia, thailand, and the philippines. they aim to draw demand, especially from the growing middle class. >>> daring raid by militants has turned a spotlight back into a simmering conflict. thai soldiers killed 16 people among a group of insur jents who launched the attack wednesday morning. southern thailand has suffered violence almost a decade, as islamist fighters push for greater auto any the predominantly buddhist country. a military spokesperson told nhk that 50 armed insurgents attacked a marine base on the malaysian border around 1 a.m. the shootout lasted about an hour. authorities later found 16 bodies and seized dozens of firearms. it's believed the other insurgents fled. the incident is one of the deadliest since the current unrest erupted in 2004. about 80% of people in th
Feb 5, 2013 12:30am EST
. and she and the president made the decision that the united states was dramatically underinvested in asia. >> rose: and overinvested in the middle east. >> overinvested certainly in terms of our military efforts in the middle east. absolutely. and that it was going to be, in order to get the freedom of maneuver to reinvest in these places in the world that are really about the future of the world, and the future for u.s. interests, we needed to draw down these military, the military face of foreign policy in iraq and get on that path in afghanistan and reinvest tremendously in asia. secretary clinton's first trip as secretary of state was to asia. that's the first time a secretary of state has taken his or her first trip to asia since dean rusk in 1961. and from then on she just kept on pushing our efforts and our efforts in asia. you look at her work with as on. you look at her work on the south china sea. you look at her work with burma in terms of bringing burma not community of democracy, potentially. right? that's a good list of contributions. >> tom donilon national security advisor
Feb 4, 2013 7:00am EST
tournament are now in question. millions made bay crime syndicate in asia. >> a total of 45 club officials and players from more than 15 countries. >> bone of contention. british archaeologists say they have found the remains of richard iii. we speak to the experts who say it's time to re-assess his reputation. >> man in the middle. richard cameron hosts talks between two countries. aaron is here with a look at the business news and jet another headache for spain's prime minister. >> george the pain in spain continues. more than 26 op unemployed and 5 million people who are very angry that the bloke right here. the country's prime minister who is now entangled in a corruption scandal. but will all this rattle the market confidence? it's 12:00 noon here in london. 7:00 a.m. in washington and 1:00 p.m. in the hague where officials say they have unearthed football match-fixing on a scale not seen before. the european police organization stays scam involves millions in bribeds and a crime syndicate based in asia. it results in some high-profile matches including the champions league. >> among
Feb 26, 2013 7:30am EST
-up will boost the number of line users in africa, latin america and also asia. the service marked a milestone of 100 million users in january but more than 40% are here in japan. the use of smartphones is expected to spread rapidly in emerging markets spread by low-price models. the line/nokia tie-up will prove how they will do in these countries. >>> japanese rice wine makers are trying to sell their wares overseas. the event was held in hanoi by ryan winemakers including those frommish ka what prefectures, famous for producing high-quality sake here in japan. they explained their products and served them to about 80 participants free of charge. the makers consider the vietnamese market very promising because the country has a tradition of drinking beverages made from rice and they say it goes well with vietnamese cuisine. >> translator: it will become popular among women as it's weaker than vietnamese rice wine. >> translator: we think japanese rice wine is accepted globally. we have to tell more people worldwide how delicious and profound japanese sake tastes. >>> that is going to wrap it
Feb 20, 2013 7:00pm PST
-known designer from italy, who won a prize for his work. now the company is looking for customers in asia. last december it opened a training center to teach pilots how to fly their newest planes. as the economy of southeast asia keeps growing, more people are flying from city to city in the region. atr is training pilots right in asia. the french-italian company hopes it will urge companies to buy its turbo prop planes. a japanese airline that shuttles between regional cities has decided to start using three of the propeller planes. >> at the beginning of the operation in japan with atr, we are confident that we can be successful. >> higher fuel prices are propelling changes to regional air travel. nhk world, paris. >>> people in norlt north western japan are used to dealing with wintry conditions. this time they're finding themselves under. >> the snowfall has reached record breaking levels. it's already at 502 centimeters which is the record so far this time of year. this is accompanied with gusts of 90 kilometers were hour. both combined are bringing blizzard conditions. the bad news is tha
Feb 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
leader chokri belaid. >> millions are in asia heading home to celebrate the year of the snake. for the first time in the history of the european union, the long-term budget will be cut. 27 eu leaders meeting in brussels have agreed to a final budget during a second summit arranged especially to do so. we will go live to brussels for the latest in just a moment. >> that's right -- the drastically reduced seven-year budget is worth 959 billion euros and was hammered out after two days of nearly round-the- clock negotiations and is far less than the just over $1 trillion euros -- and the one trillion euros the commission chancellor angela merkel went into the talks saying she was confident the agreement would be reached. in the end, the 27 member states came up with a compromise that even british prime minister david cameron welcomed as a good deal for britain >> it is perhaps nobody's perfect budget, but there is a lot in it for everybody. obviously, you can look at the end result through many, many prisons. from the overall european perspective, i want to emphasize that the bud
Feb 12, 2013 7:00pm PST
as they expect the trend in the weaker yen will continue. >>> now to other markets in the asia pacific. south korea's kospi trading higher by over 1/3 of a percent. 1,952. let's see what's going on in australia. the benchmark index is trading higher by .9%, right above that 5,000 mark. >>> now, japanese business to business prices in january were down compared to a year earlier. that marks a tenth straight month of declines. bank of japan officials say the corporate goods price index stood at 100.7 last month against a reference value of 100 set for 2010. the figure slipped 0.2% from the same month last year. the price of iron and steel tumbled by 8.9%. information and telecom equipment prices fell 6.6%. >>> the nuclear crisis in fukushima is still having an impact on japanese exporters. officials at the agriculture ministry say shipments of farm and fisheries products in 2012 fell for the second straight year. many nations continue to restrict food imports from japan because of the nuclear disaster. ministry officials say exporters shipped about $4.8 billion worth of produce, seafood, and pr
Feb 25, 2013 7:00pm PST
high. let's take a look at other markets in the asia pacific. south korea's kospi down a thirthird of a percent. let's see what's going in australia. it's down to 5,018. we'll see where other markets take us as they open in next hour. japan's prime minister abe has made his choice for the new bank of japan leader. looks like many leaders of the opposition party of japan will go along with it. kuroda is the chief of the asian development bank. abe is planning to present his nominees to the diet for approval by the end of this week. the government needs support from opposition parties. some members have expressed concerns. they say signing off on his appointment could be construed as approving the there isn't much doubt about his ability. some say there's not much mileage in continuing its opposition because his no, ma'am nominees are being received favorly.o, ma'am nominees are being received favorly., ma'am nominees are being received favorly. ma'am nominees are being received'am nominees are being received favorly.a'am nominees are being received favorly.'am nominees ar
Feb 11, 2013 5:30pm PST
mentioning japan. >>> japanese business leaders are scanning the map of asia in search of new opportunities. the phillipines is attracting their attention. the country has one of the highest growth rates in southeast asia, and its labor costs remain low compared to china. but another key factor is pushing businesses to set up shop there. nhk world's kathleen kosha reports. >> reporter: the people in the phillipines used to enjoy robust growth. the rise in middle class is boosting consumption. this day has attracted some of the world's best known brands. they opened their own store last year in manila. >> translator: we're hoping to operate about 50 stores in the phillipines within three years. >> other japanese manufacturers have chosen the phillipines to replicate some of their factories. this industrial complex is located south of manila. over the past 18 months, seven japanese companies have chosen to set up new production units here. >> translator: we are facing a wave of investment. >> toy maker bandai is among the n newcomers. the company produces the bulk of its products in china. bu
Feb 12, 2013 6:00am PST
farm products. >>> economies in southeast asia are growing, as is the demand for electricity. now a japanese company is stepping in to help meet that demand by adding wind power to the mix. they held a ceremony to mark the celebration of the start of operations. we have more. >> reporter: this power plant is located in the province 260 kilometers northeast of the thai capital, bangkok. the electric power compaoperate with two other operations on the project. wind mills are installed on the 37 square kilometer facility. they generate combined 180 mega watts of electricity. that is the highest of a wind power plant in southeast asia. this is the first full scale wind farm in taiwan. the prime minister attended the opening ceremony to place the introduction of the new available energy. >> translator: the government is ready to support the investment that leads to sustainable energy sources. >> reporter: thailand's electricity generating authority will by electricity generated at the facility in a move to increase the use of green power. they agree to pay chubu electric a higher rate
Feb 14, 2013 6:00am PST
that the nuclear tests severely damages peace and security not only in northeast asia but around the globe. he said he wants officials in both administrations to work together to bring in financial sanctions. abe cited a previous u.s. sanction as a good example. in 2005 officials at the treasury department imposed penalties on u.s. financial institutions that dealt with north korea. obama said u.s. officials too want to cooperate. he said world leaders need to agree on a firm response. north korean scientists conducted a nuclear test on tuesday in violation of previous u.n. resolutions. abe is set to visit washington later this month to meet with obama in person. >>> obama's new secretary of state gave world leaders a push of his own. john kerry said they need to show they are serious about containing nuclear arms. >> north korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program are a threat now to the united states of america because of what they are pursuing specifically as well as to global security and peace. >> kerry says the international community must react to the test with what he called a s
Feb 19, 2013 6:00am PST
border high-speed railway in southeast asia has been officially unveiled. it will connect singapore to malaysia's capital city in 19 minutes. competition to win orders for construction will be fierce. >> it's going to be a game changer. it will transform the way people interact, the intensity of our cooperation and the degree to which we become interdependent on each other and have stakes on each other's success. >> our two countries will look at each other differently and the opportunities are boundless between our two countries. >> singapore's prime minister and his counter part announced a plan on tuesday. japanese firms would likely step up efforts to win the contract but will have to compete against rivals from germany, south korea and china. that wraps up our bulletin. >>> home remains a dangerous place in afghanistan. nearly 3,000 civilians died last year because of armed conflict and terror attacks. there is a decrease of 377 from 2011. it marks the first decline since u.n. officials began to survey six years ago. they attribute the drop to few irsuicide bombings and a decli
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am PST
. they're hoping that will boost the number of line users in latin america and asia. the service marked a milestone of 100 million users in january but more than 40% of them are in japan. the users -- or its use of smart phones is expected to spread rapidly in emerging markets led by low priced models. we'll see how these services do in these countries. >>> syria's foreign minister says the government is ready for dialogue. but opposition forces are skeptical. they've been working to form a professional government. foreign minister met in moscow with his russian counterpart lagrov. he said the syrian government will talk with anyone, even those holding weapons. an opposition activist told nhk the assad administration is not serious about dialogue. he suggested the foreign minister is trying to buy time so syrian troops can continue their attacks. leaders of the opposition syrian national coalition insist president assad must be removed as a precondition for any talks. the conflict in syria has dogged diplomats and governments around the world for nearly two years. the deputy secretary-g
Feb 12, 2013 5:30am PST
from asia. now this report from hong kong. >> standby the pope's decision to resign, catholics in manila are pressing for its well-being. with 80 million faithful, it's the largest catholic country in asia pacific region, considered the last bastion of catholicism. the church is even over matters of state. >> this is saddening. why did it and like the spin? why did it end this way? >> pope benedict, catholics had high expectations that he would've been the man to lead to the traditional and conservative catholic church into the 21st century. parts one is going to happen? he's the first head of the church and that is actually on technology, keeping in touch with people. now he will give it to someone else because he is too ill. it is shocking. >> a paypal resignation was also making headlines in south korea where 11% of the population is catholic. asia is one of the fastest- growing regions for catholicism. as much shock as there is, there's a slight hope that this could possibly be the time that a representative from asia to be elected to the papal seat. it would usher in a new
Feb 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
, reemphasis on asia, continuance on the middle east but innovative partnerships around the world that could involve a lighter footprint in cases. >> rose: tom donilon for the hour next. funding for charlie rose was provided by the following: captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. . >> rose: tom donilon is here, he is the president's national security advisor. part of his job is to prepare and deliver the presidential daily brief on national security. joe biden has called him the most important person in the mix this week in the vice president spoke about foreign policy challenges at the munish security conference. >> we have made it clear at the outset that we would not-- we would be prepared to meet bilaterally with the irani leadership. we would not make it a secret that we were doing that. we would let our partners know if that occasion presented itself. that offer stands. nearly all of our partners and allies are convinced that president assad is a tyrant, hell-bent on clinging to power, is no longer fit to lead the syrian pe
Feb 7, 2013 7:00pm PST
. the euro against the yen being quoted at 125.40-45. looking at other markets in the asia-pacific, south korea's kospi up 1,935. let's look at australia. the benchmarken deposition trading higher by .3% at 4,950. >>> well, a prominent u.s. investor set to challenge apple to press for greater shareholder benefits. an investment fund led by david einhorn on thursday took the tech giant to a new york court. the action came amid the company's dwindling stock price. einhorn says apple's management policy fails to ensure benefits alling for retraction and demanding preferred shares with high dividends. this would unlock the cash hoard to investors. the activist investor wants shareholders oppose the plan for a clause of preferred shares. apple plans to make the change at a shareholders' meeting later this month. last year, apple offered its first dividends to investors in 17 years. the company plans to return $45 billion to shareholders over 3 years. but investor frustration is mounting as apple stock price has tumbled nearly 40% from last september. apple commented on thursday that management
Feb 18, 2013 7:00pm PST
asia pacific kcountries have gathered in japan to discussion security. it's aimed at promoting mutual understanding in the region. on monday 15 officers took part at japan's maritime defense college in tokyo. they represent 15 countries including japan, the u.s., south kor korea, china and australia. they hope the participants can discuss each nation's interest. >> translator: china's participation has great effect considering the timing of the meeting. >>> the ancient town of >>> the town of timbuktu in mali is charged with history, a crossroads of islamic culture. militants destroyed prime examples of that culture as they made a push through the region. now heritage experts convened by u nessco have decided to rebuild parts of the world heritage site. about 150 experts gathered at unesco headquarters in paris. they discussed ways to rebuild ancient tombs. >> translator: the destruction of world heritage site is an act of foolishness. people of the whole world are the victims of such an act. >> militants destroyed 500-year-old islam makes liums before being driven out last month. the
Feb 18, 2013 6:00am PST
exercise hosted by thailand. it is the largest such exercise in asia. as a multinational effort, its focus reflects current state of the world. we have the report on the implications. >> reporter: american and chinese officials have meetings over the joint drill. other countries are also joining. a total of 13,000 troops are participating. this military exercise comes in the wake of the hostage crisis in algeria for the reason the participating countries are focusing on rescuing their citizens. japanese self-defense forces joined u.s. forces to practice the emergency evacuation and transportation of japanese nationals. the algeria hostage crisis last month ended with ten japanese nationals dead. japanese accounted for the largest number of foreign fatalities in the incident. in the drill, participants pretended japanese -- overseas company workers and their families were in immediate danger. about 100 people, played the part of evacuees. they were transported by u.s. helicopters to a safe place. >> translator: i think the drill was very useful, because it was based on a likely situation. m
Feb 14, 2013 7:30am EST
in northeast asia but around the globe. he said he wants officials in both administrations to work together to bring in financial sanctions. abe cited a previous u.s. sanction as a good example. in 2005 officials at the treasury department envoked penalties on u.s. financial institutions that dealt with north korea. obama said u.s. officials too want to cooperate. he said world leaders need to agree on a firm response. north korean scientists conducted a nuclear test on tuesday in violation of previous u.n. resolutions. abe is set to visit washington later this month to meet with obama in person. >>> obama's new secretary of state gave world leaders a push of his own. john kerry said they need to show they are serious about containing nuclear arms. >> north korea's nuclear weapons and baa billist missile program are a threat now to the united states of america because of what they are pursuing specifically as well as to global security and peace. >> kerry says the international community must react to the test with what he called a swift, clear and strong response. he says he's also concern
Jan 31, 2013 5:00pm PST
may be overheating. let's look at other markets in the asia pacific region. the kospi down half a percent. 1,951. in australia the benchmark index is trading higher at 4,912. major electronics makers are counting on greater strength in numbers. they're about to merge the struggling semiconductor businesses and looks like they will be partly funded by a government affiliated bank. sources say the two firms are wrapping up preparations to launch a joint company by march 2014 for the design and development of system lsi semiconductors. they are also in talks with the development bank of japan over a possible investment of several hundred million dollars. system lsi's are widely used in appliances and automobiles. japanese makers are struggling to make costs because of production and development. the two plasre planning to launch an adventure. that's the latest in business. i'll leave you with a check on markets. >>> the man at the center of a sports scandal in japan has apologized for his win at all costs attitude. he's admitted to abusing top athletes. he says he might resign. >>
Feb 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
to agile forces, that we would look to having a global footprint. but with emphasis, reemphasis on asia, continuance on the middle east but innovative partnerships around the world that could involve a lighter footprint in cases, and indeed if you talk to the chief of staff of the army, who served in iraq as you know as our commander there, he would tell y that we are working on innovative partnerships. >> cot lab rattive work. >> so we can pain taken our global footprint, maintain our commitments, but do it in a more efficient and effective way. >> a couple of things. clearly the president said in his west point speech that he understands that you can't have a great global strategic plan without a strong economy at home. >> absolutely. >> in order to be as effective and have the leverage you have you need to have a strong economy at home. that's one thing. the over thing that people say in the first term that the president may have been, may have learned a lesson with respect to the surge in afghanistan. and it may have not really wanted to do that but he was convinced by the military
Feb 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
that he was going to pivot his administration toward the east and towards china and asia people-- including dick cheney who was sitting for an interview with me-- saying he worries about that because of the attention he thinks the middle east needs. is there something risk of pivoting to china? >> pivot was an unfortunate word. rebalancing in some ways. we are an atlantic to pacific power. this might have been a joke but somebody said to me "what are you going to do about west asia?" i thought whatis st asia it's the middle east. so the fact that the president is now going to israel and as i understand it he may go to ramallah. so i think it's not going to be any lack of attention on the middle east. certainly secretary kerry is going and so i think we are capable of doing both. >> rose: what should the president hope to achieve in his visit to israel? >> well, i think that what he wants to -- he's not going with a plan as i understand it. >> rose: he wi have an agda in hisind. >> well, i think his agenda is obviously some israeli/palestinian discussions but also kind of looking
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